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Indoor / Outdoor Performance Fabric designed for every day life


yellow rose umbrella
Duckling stood on a variety of fabrics
Dog under yellow rose umbrella
red rose bench with riding gear
red rose garden chair
bobbly ribbon red hat on duck
green tree peony with cat
green tree peony table cloth

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"Down a drive flanked by two stone obelisks sits a centuries old farmyard, where passing a gabled house, a path takes you through a walled garden down to a sunlit studio tucked in the corner behind beds of yellow and red roses. Beneath the beamed roof sit two desks. Bastien Halard, architect, Frenchman, owner of exactly two tractors and one digger sits at one, Miranda Brooks, landscape architect, returned to her native England, the unsuspecting queen of children parties, sits at the other. In this setting, with the help of many coffees and green teas made over the stove, exchanged during the topsy turvy start to the decade, the Catswood Design Collection of fabrics was created to celebrate the joys of life in all its cheerful, ever moving, trod upon, and unexpected forms. These fabrics have been designed with several specific gardens in mind, the colours tried and tested, with each one meant to serve as the backdrop to life at home, meeting the demands of celebrations, dogs, cats, ducks, horses, teenagers, red wine and unexpected guests; all with a loosened simplicity that will bring joy to your everyday life."
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